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Good grief. )
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Why is it that the best thing DC is doing right now is making parodies of itself?! This was the best thing since Space Ghost Coast to Coast introduced Bat Mantis (Zorak as Batman)!

"You'd better actually bring back snacks and not just hide in shadows and narrate yourself!" ~The Fish (The Flash)

See the Parody Goodness )And now, for today's very, very good Young Justice...

If I think it's good that has to mean one thing: Ty. )
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Young Justice: The stuff continues. But it was kind of ok?

Really, more people should be exposed to the pure genius of my animation intellect. ) 
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Today was a day I was a little sorry I was trained as a critic.

Young Justice continued its march toward the cliche hall of fame. )
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So, I wake up this morning to...Cartoon Network's "DC Nation" block actually doing something meaningful for the first time ever. They actually ran a new episode of Young Justice! I didn't have to see it via my iTunes subscription.

And what an episode it was... )
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It's Ty! Apache Chief! He's so awesome and angsty and angry!

Oh, and I vastly underestimated the time between YJ episodes. It was 3 months, not 6 weeks. I have a new one to watch, but I just can't quite convince myself to do it. The crushing depression and all...
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After what? 6 weeks? YOUNG JUSTICE has a new episode.

As always, my opinion is the sh*t. )
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Oh, Young are not for the faint of heart. )

Canadians make me horny )

Also saw that the cable network "Logo" is going to do a television special based on the "It Gets Better" campaign. I had colleagues that wrote an article about that for a journal. I wonder if they know about it? I wonder if I'm motivated enough to bother telling them? (The team is lead by a guy I'm not crazy about.)

Chibi Ninjas kick much of the ass... )

Also, I need to block myself from Seriously - I need a child filter-type thing. Bad girl! *wrist slap* Go do your work!


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