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Good grief. )
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Why is it that the best thing DC is doing right now is making parodies of itself?! This was the best thing since Space Ghost Coast to Coast introduced Bat Mantis (Zorak as Batman)!

"You'd better actually bring back snacks and not just hide in shadows and narrate yourself!" ~The Fish (The Flash)

See the Parody Goodness )And now, for today's very, very good Young Justice...

If I think it's good that has to mean one thing: Ty. )
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Just watched episode 1 of YOUNG JUSTICE. In order to make Robin useful, he's now a hacker more than a martial artist. Ok, that's cool. (I mean, Sherlock Holmes was re-styled into the world's first MMA fighter for the Robert Downey Jr. flick, so I won't object to this.) But, when they had Robin's hacking program use little "Robin Heads" I couldn't stop myself from shaking my noggin' and waggin' my finger. "uh, uh, uh! Copying from Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV for the funny/cute factor without due credit is tacky." And then I thought, no, wait. I'd also have to scold for an reference error to the Laughing Man, as well. Then, aw hell. There really isn't anything going on because this whole thing is stupid and nit-picky, and I'm just trying to flatter myself because I enjoyed noticing the similarity of cute "heads" as computer icons.

Wait a minute. Now, I'm wondering how many of these I can find... This could be kind of fun.
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I was a naughty spawn. I figured out that I could purchase seasons of the animation that I wanted to watch through iTunes. I should not have done it. It was so very wrong. I gave a half-hearted effort to find them either legally or illegally for free. And then I clicked the button. And my credit card looked at my like my icon.
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I realized that I am suffering from a dire need to see every episode of TEEN TITANS and YOUNG JUSTICE in order from the beginning, but I am without a reliable mechanism by which to accomplish this task. Then, almost simultaneously, I realized that I am 39. And I felt a tiny twinge of shame and despair.

I'm supposed to have children that want that stuff, right? Well, no wonder I am not attractive to the opposite sex. I am still watching cartoons with enough seriousness to want to watch episodes in order from the beginning. (And this was all before I realized that I hadn't included THE BATMAN, and BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, or any of those JUSTICE LEAGUE incarnations on my list.)


In all honesty, I suspect that the reason most adults have children is that they still want to watch cartoons but they also want to have lots and lots of unprotected sex in between episodes. Children are both cause and effect, and sort of make all of that work out.


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