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Young Justice: The stuff continues. But it was kind of ok?

Unfortunately, no Ty today. That places this way down the list. Blue Beetle got away with lying, and then got caught - by Nightwing, alone, in front of a TV screen in a warehouse, who then broke one of Robin's bird-a-rangs in response,continuing in the I'm-just-as-brooding-a-brooder-as-the-broodiest-of-broodering-brooders theme. The "Artemis undercover" plotline got revealed to Cheshire and Sportsmaster, so now, like, everybody knows - except the really smart people who would have figured it out like 4 episodes ago. The good news is that M'ghann actually managed to fix Khal D'ran, and escaped the clutches of Black Manta, and Aqualad managed to keep his cover intact. The teams from the Death Star are missing, presumed "Reached." That's Robin, Aresenal, Mal (wearing the Guardian gear), Bee, Wondergirl, Superboy Wolff, and Sphere O U T.

I wasn't quite aware how depressed the M'ghann stuff had made me. It was a big load off to see that she was able to rebuild Aqualad, and probably her relationships, and escape. I think this is a longstanding peeve of mine with "children's" programming. When it builds the entire plotline around the fundamental refusal to 1) tell the truth and 2) talk honestly and openly about what is wrong, what makes someone afraid, or what makes someone angry, I go batshit. And frankly that's the driver behind *most of "children's" programming. I think it's self-defeating. If it's supposed to be "teaching" children a lesson that they should be honest and open? I think it actually teaches them that "heroes" (or at least the "cool" kids) keep secrets and don't disclose. It "teaches" that "fun" lives - dramatic, exciting, friend-filled, attention gathering lives - are lived that way. I had actually been a bit surprised by season 1 that they disclosed as they did. Then...yup - big ole repeat for season 2. And for M'ghann it was like - no learning curve whatsoever.

So, why do I still like it? Superpowers. Nostalgia. Cool character designs. Really strong voice acting. And did I say superpowers? Yeah. Can't help myself. 

So, I think I'm going to research independent comic consortiums. Or maybe write one for myself. Too bad I can't draw. Perhaps this can be the thing that gives me something to do with the second half of my life, since I've been feeling kind of without since the PhD is done. 


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