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Today was a day I was a little sorry I was trained as a critic.

Young Justice continued its march toward the cliche hall of fame.

This week the DEATH STAR arrived on loan from the Star Wars franchise. We had, like, 5 versions of a BENEDICT ARNOLD going on: Vandal Savage turns on The Reach, Arsenal sort of turns on his teams, Blue Beetle shows his altered state by actually turning on his teams, The Reach might get caught betraying earth by having an arsenal of armed ships in the Philippine Sea when they said they only had 1 ship without any weapons (but that will probably be understood in the narrative as a good thing as they betrayed their own long term initiative in a way by protecting the earth that they will ultimately decimate...turns within turns), Mal turns on Bee by whining about their relationship when she need to be concentratin' on the mission, and more that I can't quite be bothered to mention. There was a GOT GREEDY AND COULDN'T WAIT TO POWER UP when Blue Beetle absorbed the power source from the Death Star in front of the teams, announcing his betrayal and ENSURING A NEEDLESSLY DAMAGING AND DRAMATICALLY VIOLENT FIGHT with the teams, while also REVEALING A SIGNIFICANT ELEMENT OF THE SECRET PLOT when he could have kept advancing said plot and ensured more ultimate destruction. Leading to the EVIL/CRIME DOESN'T PAY EVEN THOUGH IN REAL LIFE WE ALL KNOW IT TOTALLY DOES cliche because they've just set up the beginning of the end of this season, now that they know BB has been compromised. Now they can figure out all the puzzle pieces for everything else, because YES, NIGHTWING IS SO AMAZINGLY SMART THAT NOT HAVING A SUPERPOWER JUST WON'T MATTER (MY GAWD HOW LIKE BATMAN HE IS).

Now, I get that I've been a complaining bitch about this show, and I'm living out my own cliche by CONTINUING TO BITCH ABOUT THE THING I'VE SHOWN NO EVIDENCE OF GIVING UP. I think it's because I just can't write off DC completely. I mean, they created the kernels of so much that I really, truly, do love in terms of the fantasy plots of hero lore. I don't want to give up, even though I know they are just about beyond redemption. I mean, Apache Chief? They've really gotten Ty right: the re-think of his power is really great, his back story is awesome, his character design is cool. And I've decided I like their version of Superboy. In the second season he became...mature. Their Aqualad was soooo good right from the start of this show, and there have been quite a few other of the supporting details that are so very good. Even Blue Beetle had been way better than I ever expected, and I've already talked about the WTF moment I had with Shazam about cool. 

I could blame it on "catering to a boy demographic 9-13." But we all know that this demographic is never enough to float a cartoon or a franchise. It has to keep adults in order to sell the ticket items that keep it liquid - and to agree to pay for the wave of smaller items that build the base merchandising. I'm tempted to believe that DC has already pulled the plug on the series, that the producers knew it from the start of this season, and that this is part of the reason for the overkill of stuffing it full of everything they could do all at once (the downfall of pretty much all of the DC superhero broad audience fare - see the 1st 3 Batman live action movies).

Anyway. I started this out kind of mad. Now, I'm depressed. Again. Just give me a spin-off series for Ty. Then I can go off and sulk all by myself.. 


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