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So, I wake up this morning to...Cartoon Network's "DC Nation" block actually doing something meaningful for the first time ever. They actually ran a new episode of Young Justice! I didn't have to see it via my iTunes subscription.

And what an episode it was...

It was practically THE APACHE CHIEF EPISODE! Ty was so freaking amazing! They reconceptualized his transformation sequence and the way his power is visually represented. I had a crush before, and it is so confirmed. Dude even used his power when he was ASLEEP to save his group. Awwww, yeeeeaaaaaahhh!

Blue Beetle's reign of thuggish-Darkseid-edness has begun, as was inevitable. The clue was that Jaime never once spoke to the A.I. during the episode, and suggested that the group of proto-supers he rescued go see "green beetle" for help. Big giveaway there. But it's also pretty clear that Jaime doesn't realize quite what's happening because he showed the scarab to the protos, and told them about The Reach's part in it, so he thinks he's got it under control. But the protos know the score, because BB didn't give a rat's back paws when he was about to sacrifice innocent bystanders and the protos he was sent to retrieve just to be sure he won against the VOTW (villain of the week). At the conclusion of the episode, sure enough, "green beetle" was, indeed, a Reach beetle and the nasty badass BB fought before - Black Beetle - was suddenly there buddy-chatting about how they were destined to rule over "the meat," beginning with Jaime.

They also introduced the character "Samurai" from the old Superfriends - redone as a woman this time - as one of the protos with Ty. As might be expected (because cartoons can't be all cool) she can only speak Japanese (no English), which makes no sense at all considering that even a Japanese school child that hated their elementary education would probably, despite themselves, be able to understand simple question words like "when," "where," and "what is it?" The early 2000s DC character "Static Shock" also makes up part of the protos group, and as is becoming a new TV stereotype for "the black character," is the maturest guy and is the only one with a healthy family life. The last proto is a character I'm not familiar with - Latino kid, child of a scientist who can teleport using zeita particles (it seems). The result is like Marvel's Nightcrawler (line-of-sight, etc.) without the traveling-through-a-hell-dimension little inconvenience.

In the end where do the protos end up? Back to the Taos pueblo...I'm betting with Ty's awesome grandfather, who was so cool he had to drink his iced tea before he could be bothered to answer Jaime's questions back all those months ago. Gotta love an old guy who will. not. be. rushed. grasshopper.

Oh, and there was Lex Luthor in there, revealing that he's playing triple agent with The Reach - serving them, himself, and probably by accident leaving a little room for saving the planet if it's convenient. As might be expected, he offered the protos a deal...not unlike what he offered the back-from-Cadmus-Original-Speedy. How deliciously eeeeviiill. How can you not want Lex Luthor? mrowr! Yes, I did just say the guy is sexy. But, then, I LIKE bald...

It's going to tickle me so much if this season of Young Justice ends up with Lex Luthor being the savior of the entire thing, the one who manages to keep this entire black-hole-of-suck from destroying the DC Fracturedverse.


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