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After what? 6 weeks? YOUNG JUSTICE has a new episode.

The most awesome squee moment occurs, of course, when the as-yet-un-developed Apache Chief (Ty) gets screen time as Jaime (suited up as Blue Beetle, of course) almost reveals his secret identity to his friend. Mal suits up as Guardian when the now-completely-predictable appearance of the I'm-the-Universe's-Ultimate-Fighter-Whosamawhatchit-Character-of-This-Franchise shows up to challenge Zatana, Bee, M'ghann, Super Boy, & Shazaam/Billy at the Hall of Justice to More-Tall-Kom-Batt. Best moment of the entire episode is when "Wrastlor" (my code name for said character that I'm stealing from the DEXTER'S LABORATORY parody episode of these types of characters) whips Shazaam into the giant Superman statue, defacing it. I laughed out loud, seriously. How perfect! Meanwhile the Ambassador of "The Reach" makes Captain Atom look like a complete punk by exposing the Watch Tower (which I guess nobody on earth supposedly knows about and is suddenly horrified to learn about!? whatevs), and the Piers-Morgan-Parody talk show host (voiced by Tim Curry - awesome!) cackles on about it in his running commentary. In the end? Jaime defies the scarab A.I. and comes clean to Black Canary about his future as a thuggier version of Darkseid and tells the J.L.A. members to get the thing off him no matter what the cost. (Ignoring the possibility, of course, that the future thug version happens because - Oh, I don't know - it's not Jaime in the scarab and whoever IS in the scarab can't fight off the A.I.'s destroy-all-meat-sacks urges?)


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