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Miss Martian left Aqualad a drooling shell. Yep, that's the outcome of the latest YOUNG JUSTICE episode. Oh, and Blue Beetle's future is to become, basically, Darkseid...but slightly more thuggish. I have no clue how they are going to pull this show out of the cumulative jump-off-the-cliff-hanger. And if they do, it might actually be worse because it will ring so completely false. There really *shouldn't be any way to come out of a black hole of suck this hard. Nope. The world *should end. Everybody *should die. All the good guys *should go bad. All hope *should wither up and dissipate into dust. Nobody should be forgiven. In fact, I'm thinking they should all just roll over and give up now. 'Cause at least it would spare me from having to watch it all go to sh*t little by little. Or, worse, watch some completely unbelievable safety valve get pulled. Which, I'm practically positive, will involve Aqualad and Nightwing having planned for the contingency of M'gann trying to liquify Aqualad's brain - which nobody was supposed to know she was able to do but which Marian Manhunter will have managed to figure out back in episode 3 or something and have been further able to figure out the double agent plot that *also nobody was supposed to know about (but which, of course, Nightwing and Aqualad would have kept a triple secret from Artemis and Kid Flash). Yes, yes, I know, I should write this stuff for a living, because that would actually work. But...the point was...I don't want it to. I'd rather have had a less thoroughly soul degrading storyline to begin with.
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