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So TWD last night was good, but I'm starting to worry myself. I've started to look up stories about the show, not just watch the show itself. Now, for many people this would not be a bad thing. But I have enough of a threat of obsessive tendencies for this to be worrisome. I realized it had reached the "uh oh" level when I came across an article speculating that two of the actors on the show were dating, and they weren't the ones associated with the characters I would prefer to have matched up, and I felt disappointed. Ok. Time to pull back. Losing perspective. Part of the reason I remain so thoroughly in the "jaded" camp about celebrities is for this reason: I like characters, NOT their actors. I watch fiction television. I refuse to get involved in fandoms that have anything remotely to do with "reality tv." I don't really even allow myself to think actors are hot. I always mentally consider them as their characters. All because of this. It is bad for my mental health when I start caring about this stuff outside of the absolutely fictional. Period. So. No more looking up pictures of Norman Reedus. No, no, no.

As to last night's episode, it was clearly the "let's get people to like Michonne" episode. Lennie James returned to play Morgan Jones, the character that originally saved Rick when he emerged from his coma in episode one. He did an amazing job portraying Morgan as off his nut. Very powerful. Totally outclassed Andrew Lincoln, sorry to say. Chandler Riggs was also fantastic as Carl, who tries to go off on his own to retrieve the last remaining photograph of his mother for his infant sister. He and Michonne bond over zombie killing, portaging a crib, and a really ugly decorative statue of a cat.

Personally horrifying moment of the night: On their way into town, Michonne, Rick and Carl pass a lone backpacker on the road who begs for their help. When they get stuck at a block road and have to kill off a few walkers before starting up again, the backpacker catches up and they hear him begging again for help. Again they ignore his pleas. As they are leaving on their way home, they see his bloody remains on the road. He's obviously been the victim of a zombie attack that they condemned him to. Then to add insult to injury, they pass his backpack, only to stop, back up, and take it. That was pretty awful.


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