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Less excitement, more depression. And more reality, I think, because of it.

A thoroughly demoralized Team Prison mostly stood around demoralizing about their demoralization this week. Then they got visited by the ghost of bad judgment past, present, and future - why yes, it WAS Andrea - and then demoralized some more about that.

So Andrea figures out that the governor went to the prison when she couldn't find him in the last episode. She decides to got for a little visit (for tea and crumpets? I have no idea what she thought she was going to find) out to the prison. But, of course, the guv'na won't let her take a car, and lies to her some more about who shot first and the course of events. She asks Milton for help, and of course the double agent plays double agent. Insert gratuitous zombie catching/maiming scene here. Insert commercial break during which Andrea walks to the prison here.

She finds her former friends basically starving, pinned down by the dead, thoroughly hopeless, and harboring Michonne and Merle. She doesn't understand at all when they don't trust her. What? You mean they shouldn't think the person screwing the guy that killed Axel, wrecked their safety fences, and set a herd on them is the enemy? Nah. She accuses Michonne of poisoning them against her. Gee. It's not like Andrea's bad judgment might have, say, done that all on it's own. Probably the best scene of the whole thing was Michonne slicing into Andrea in her very, very quiet and completely efficient way. Andrea went into a shame spiral. 

Then there was the complete WTF Carol/Andrea scene. Andrea goes to meet the baby (who Carol is watching, OF COURSE. I swear, it was pretty disgusting this episode. Carol was basically shown stirring soup and holding the baby. Ugh.), and she and Carol have this exchange that made me go "Holy hell, Carol. Who are you!?" Carol tells Andrea to go back, give the governor the "night of his life," and the kill him in his sleep! Whoa. Mousey housewife goes Mate Hari on your ass! 

For some reason I didn't understand - except to try to continue distinguishing between Team Prison as the "good guys" and Team Woodbury as the "bad guys - Team Prison gives Andrea a car to take back and sends her on her way. When she gets home she goes the guv'na, even after what she knows of the pile of MORE LIES he told her. Then she goes ahead and screws him. Then, as if she might actually be going to do it, she gets out of bed - of course, must insert gratuitous suggestive naked outline ass shot here - grabs her knife and goes to stand menacing next to the sleeping guv'na. But, even more of courser, she does absolutely nothing, and of fucking coursiest, still naked, ends the show by staring out the window.

Now, I suppose since I'm such a Caryl shipper I should comment on the Carol/Daryl scene they had. I wasn't really very pleased, probably because I'd thought way too much about this lately because I went and wrote two fanfiction stories this weekend about Carol. I shouldn't have. I know. Anyway. Carol comes in to tell Daryl how glad she is he's back. She calls the prison their home to which Daryl replies that the place is a tomb. Carol says that's what T-Dog called the place, and what she believed it to be until Daryl found her. He smiles at her - at least as much as he ever smiles. Then she gives the line from the preview about Merle being his brother but being bad for Daryl, followed up the the inevitable cliche that Daryl shouldn't let Merle bring him down. Next she says, "afterall, look how far you've come." Which they both end up laughing at, as a kind of reference back to the state of the prison. Now, the reason I was disappointed in this was because I think it was too easy on Daryl. I wish he'd have had to come to her instead of her to him. If it had happened that way, then I don't think I would have minded Carol being so readily relieved that he was back. But the fact that she both went to him and was the first to suck up to him, was almost too much.


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