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Why is it that the best thing DC is doing right now is making parodies of itself?! This was the best thing since Space Ghost Coast to Coast introduced Bat Mantis (Zorak as Batman)!

"You'd better actually bring back snacks and not just hide in shadows and narrate yourself!" ~The Fish (The Flash)



 And now, for today's very, very good Young Justice...

If I think it's good that has to mean one thing: Ty. Oh, my gawd, he was in such fine form! Totally controlling his powers, kicking reach ass all over the place. The dude backhands half a dozen troops at one go. Laser beams? They kind of "sting"!? He freaking DROP-KICKED Black Beetle! However, it became clear that they are going to go with the "Longshadow" code name for him instead of the retro "Apache Chief." Sigh. Static Shock (Virgil) used it in conversation. Meh. Still don't know what they're going to call Samurai (Asami), who, btw, can now speak broken English. Pft.

So, up on the DEATH STAR it turns out that Arsenal hadn't been captured afterall, but had been conducting a guerilla warfare campaign against the reach. He was just about out of ammo and power and in great need of help. The protos were out about town conducting...strategic vandalism!?...against reach targets (yeah, really, but did seem to be good practice for controlling their powers. Get this, all steroetypically cool street tough runaways...they were using skate boards. Gnarly, dude.). Lex Luthor contacts the protos and gives them the chance to boom tube up to the DEATH STAR in order to run a rescue mission. Of course they accept, 'cause they haven't yet figured out what a bad (sexy bald) dude Luthor is.

Meanwhile, meanwhile... Miss Martian and Nightwing are scanning the DEATH STAR aboard the cloaked ship looking for the missing teams. The can't get a reading and finally land in the bay where they disappeared, proceeding to have a guilt-off about whose fault the whole Blue-Beetle-defection-Reach-Light-Huge-Black-Hole-of-Suck-This-Season-gone-to-Hell is. This ends with M'ghann making an oh-so-cute reference to Dick's thirteen year old self from season one. Awwwww.

Meanwhile, meanwhile, meanwhile...the protos have found the missing teams and Black Beetle has found the protos AND Arsenal has found them both AND AND Deathstryke has found the room just off to the side of this explosive reunion where the DEATH STAR's power source crystal is, and takes it right out from under their noses. Aresenal and the protos manage to keep Black Beetle off balance long enough to let loose Mongol (the DEATH STAR pilot) to give Black Beetle something real to fight. Up next is the release of the teams, the arrival of Nightwing and Miss Martian, the discovery of the missing crystal, and the decision to get the hell off the DEATH STAR.

Now for the "uh oh" moments. Moment 1: Bee rats out Arsenal for his BENEDICT ARNOLD attempt on the teams last week, and Nightwing tells him he's off the team 'cause he just ain't a team player. (Yeah, 'cause this worked out so well when they did this with Red Arrow. Learning curve, guys, learning curve...) Moment 2: Nightwing magnanimously congratulates the protos for a job well done. Aw, thanks broody mcbrooderson. thanks. We'll get our own ride home. Oh, and Arsenal? Wanna ride with us. Yep, he sure does, thanks. Moment 3: G. Gordon Godfrey, the Tim Curry-voiced Piers Morgan-parody talk show host who has been cheerleading The Reach throughout the season BENEDICT ARNOLD'S The Reach for The Reach's BENEDICT ARNOLD with their fleet of war ships they lied about last episode. Duh duh dun. What you gonna do now, ambassador!?!? Moment 4: The protos and Arsenal are dumped on their asses back in their runaway apartment pad from their boom tube. Waiting on their computer screen is (sexy bald) Lex Luthor. This...does not go over well with Arsenal. So, then, it does not go over well with the protos. Bu-Bye Sexy-Lexy.
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